Opens Results

Date: 3/10/2018
Winners: J Allsop, J Humphreys, P Seddon

1st Place
J Allsop, J Humphreys, P Seddon                  Worsley GC               52 Points (CPO)

2nd Place
C McGeorge, S Brown, L McKenzie               Branhall GC              52 Points

3rd Place
J Ryder, C Long, B Redford                           Swinton Park GC      49 Points

Date: 5/9/2018
Presentation Date: 5/9/2018 @ 12:00 AM
Winners: Joyce Rider, Christine Long, Barbara Redford

1st PRIZE         3 x £70 – Pro Shop Vouchers

86 pts    Joyce Ryder                       Swinton Park

              Christine Long                    Swinton Park

              Barbara Redford                 Swinton Park

 2nd  PRIZE         3 x £50 – Pro Shop Vouchers

84 pts   Linda Ashworth                     Stoneyhurst

             Margaret Carrington             Stoneyhurst

             Janice Bufton                       Stoneyhurst               


3rd PRIZE         3 x £40 – Pro Shop Vouchers

80* pts       Nora O’Brien                 Davyhulme Park

                   Lynda Lane                  Davyhulme Park

                   Anne Hibbert                Davyhulme Park

                   (*Includes 2 point reduction)

Date: 19/7/2018
Presentation Date: 19/7/2018 @ 3:30 PM
Winners: D Beech, E Galvin, J Mather, I Liptrot


Four Man Team AM-AM Stableford Competition




Congratulations to winners of Pro shop vouchers to the value stated



Winners – with 87 points cpo - £90.00 each

            D Beech, E Galvin, J Mather of Gathurst GC, I Liptrot of Wigan GC


2nd Prize – with 87 points cpo- £70.00 each

            B Green, J White, B Moss & J Taylor of Hindley Hall GC


3rd Prize – with 85 points cpo- £40.00 each

K Wilson, H Rusling, W Cornall & K Eccles of Ashton & Lea GC     


Other good scores:

85 points cpo – R Ball, D Latham, J Kenyon & P Preston of Lancaster GC


85 points cpo - P Dunn, A Simpson, D Harrison & B Jones of Greenmount GC



Date: 1/7/2018
Presentation Date: 1/7/2018 @ 4:24 PM
Winners: Mr. G. Lowe & Mrs. J. Lowe

Mr. G. Lowe Hart Common 48   1st Prize
Mrs. J. Lowe Hart Common      
Mr. R. Hartshorne Glossop 47   2nd Prize
Mrs. K. Hartshorne Glossop      
Mr. P. Barton Davyhulme 46   3rd Prize
Miss. J. Fox Davyhulme      
Mr. I. Trow Stamford 44 C.P.O. 4th Prize
Mrs. G. Trow Stamford      
Mr. B. Woodcock Haydock Park 44 C.P.O. 5th Prize
Mrs. S. Woodcock Haydock Park      

Date: 7/6/2018
Winners: Mr S Wilkinson & Mr R Wilkinson 50 Pts


Four Ball Better Ball Stableford Competition



Congratulations on winning a prize at our Seniors Spring Open.

Please find enclosed Pro shop vouchers to the value stated, also note that our Pro shop not only stocks golf equipment, but they have a catalogue containing none golf ‘stuff’, which I encourage you to peruse.


Winners – Mr S. Wilkinson & Mr R. Wilkinson with 50 points - £100.00 each – Rossendale G.C.

2nd prize – Mr M Maynell & Mr J Stoddart with 49 points - £80.00 each – Vicars Cross G.C.

3rd Prize – Mr M Lundquist & Mr P Davies with 47 points - £60.00 each – Abergele G.C.

4th Prize – Mr W Pearce & Mr R Wilson with 46 points - £40.00 each – Blundell Hill G.C.

5th Prize– Mr C Cheong & Mr F Turner 45 points cpo - £20.00 each – Greenmount G.C.


Thank you for your support and hope to see you again at:

2018 Opens - 19th July, 6th September & 3th December

2019 Opens - 6th June, 18th July, 29th August & 2th December


Yours sincerely

Mike Goman

Seniors Secretary, DPGC

Thank you for entering, Mike Goman, Seniors Secretary

Tel. 07590 778773 email:


Date: 15/5/2018
Winners: L Mitchell, C Peake, J Ridley & K Hartshome (Glossop GC)

1st  PRIZE         4 x £50 – Trafford Centre Vouchers

91 pts   L Mitchell                       Glossop

                  C Peake                                Glossop

                  J Ridley                                 Glossop

                  K Hartshome                        Glossop



2nd  PRIZE         4 x £35 – Trafford Centre Vouchers

88 pts  Caroline Harrisoncroft           Prestbury

                  Margaret Simons                   Prestbury

                  Adrienne Wood                     Prestbury

                  Chris Shuttleworth                Prestbury


3rd PRIZE         4 x £25 – Trafford Centre Vouchers

87 pts     Kath Watson                         Ashton u Lyne

(cpo)          Kay Patrick                           Ashton u Lyne

                  Brenda Beddoes                   Ashton u Lyne

                  Edwina Owen                       Ashton u Lyne


Consolation Prizes (card play offs) 1 sleeve of balls each player:

High Legh  - 87 points

Oldham/Davyhulme -  87 points.