Members Only Section

Cobra Members Portal (Formerly GCGold)

In this section you will be able to access Competition Results, Handicaps, Print Handicap Certificates and find members contact details.

To Access Cobra:

  1. Enter your User ID. This is your surname and press 'find by name'.
  2. Select your full name from the drop down list that appears.
  3. In the password box, enter your password and select 'Submit'
  4. You will now have access to Cobra Club Level. To access private information simply follow the instructions once in Cobra.
  5. Click here to enter Cobra. (Members information)

In order to access Cobra, the club must have a record of your email address.  If you have not provided this, please email to 

You will also in the initial registration process be required to know your membership number. Knowledge of this number will become crucial in later stages of Cobra access. If you do not know your number,  please contact Handicaps.

In exceptional circumstances we are able to set your I.D. and initial password for you.