Members Information

  • A new handicap is obtained by submission of 3 DPGC cards to the Handicaps committee; the rounds played under R & A rules. The same result may also be achieved by submission of 6 9 hole cards.
  • Each card must display the following: 
    • The date of completion.
    • A legible name and signature of the competitor.
    • A legible name and signature of the marker.
  • Where possible the marker should be a member of long standing.
  • Completed cards may be posted in the box provided on the upstairs bar or handed to a member of the Handicaps Committee


In the event that the new member has previously been a member of another club, a recent handicap certificate from their previous club will suffice or alternatively details of your England Golf CDH number and previous club. 

Handicaps for all sections of DPGC ( Ladies & Gentlemen) may be maintained by any one of the methods detailed below:

a) Entrance to and completion of either a Men's or Ladies normal medal competition.

b) Submission Supplementary scores following the advised procedure under Supplentary scores within "Inactive Handicaps" Max 10 per year.

c) Entry to a competition of scores for any of the "Qualifying" Mid Week Competitions, these are open to all classes of membership, including Ladies, Men, Junior, 5 Day & 6 Day Members together with all Full Members.


A members handicap will become 'Inactive' if he/she fails to complete 3 recorded medal rounds during a calendar year.

Should your handicap become 'Inactive' you will need to submit 3 scores to the Committee. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Complete a Supplementary Score(s) - Advise the Professional before you tee off and have him enter your intention in the file he has for this purpose. Complete your round (at DPGC), your card should be completed as advised for a new handicap above. Return your card to the Committee
  2. Play during a Sat. Competition - An 'Inactive' handicap member may play on a Saturday in a normal competiton, without payment of entry fee and may not win prizes/trophies in said competition but his score will count towards removal of his inactive status
  3. Please retain your card and return to the committee as soon as possible

Entry to a normal Saturday competition is by ticket draw, some 11 days before the event, on a Tuesday evening at approximately 19:45 unless advised otherwise. 

A drawn member may append 3 names during the summer season but may apply 4 names during the winter season when 4 Ball events are more the norm. 

There are several groups within the membership entitled to have their names added to the start sheet prior to a draw, these comprise Council & Committee members, Board members and those who advise before the draw they are unable to attend due to, representing the club in league competitions or they are away on holiday. In all these circumstances, accomodations will be made if deemed possible by the Handicaps Committee 

Draws for Captain and President Weekends are drawn on a Tuesday evening approximately 3 weeks before the event. Again at 19:45. The specific dates are shown on the annual Fixture List. Entry to these 2 major competitions is subject to conditions agreed with the Captain and President and posted on notice boards well prior to the draws being made. 

Men's Invitation Days, of which there are currently 2 (Spring & Summer) do not have draws. The sheets for both are posted for entry early in the season to allow members the maximum amount of time to make arrangements with their partners. The format for these are 4 Ball Better Ball Stablefords (90% Handicap Allowance) involving sequential tee times as shown on the entry sheets. 

Once booking sheets have been posted on the notice board, members may add their names to any blank space.

Mid Week competitions are open to all classes of membership, Men, Ladies, Juniors and 5/6 day members.

Where Juniors wish to compete, any grouping must contain at least one adult member.

Your intention to compete MUST be recorded by the Professional, before playing and a fee paid and your card dated/completed, as for a normal competition. 

Failure to record your intention with the Professional will invalidate your entry and failure to return your card will incur the usual penalty. (1 Match Ban)

Should the Professional’s shop be closed after completion of your round, post the card under the door of the shop. 

The competitions will be handicap qualifying events unless otherwise stated. They are managed by the Professional and his staff and recorded against the members playing record. 

Results and prize values will be posted on notice boards by the Professional. Prizes are credited directly to members accounts with the Professional.

All competition results are posted on IG within 48hours of the competition

Vouchers expire 12 months ( 365 days ) from the date of a presentation.

All vouchers issued by the Handicaps Committee have a finite life of 12 months from the date of presentation. Vouchers once issued are the responsibility of the member  to whom they are presented.

Duplicates will not be issued.

Failure to arrive on the tee beyond 5 minutes – Disqualification.

Arrival at the tee outside your allotted tee time but within 5 minutes of your designated time – 2 Stroke Penalty.

Failure to attend for a specific competition - 2 Match Ban

Failure to return your card from a competition -  1 Match Ban

Identified slow play will result in a 2 stroke penalty being applied to your score.

Failure to sign your card - Your score will not count for the competiton nor will your handicaps be adjusted.

There are 4 Bank holiday competitions. These are currently played on a Monday with a 1st tee start the start times available will be shown on the booking sheet. The booking sheets are posted on either of the downstairs notice boards in the entrance hall approx. 3 weeks before the event. The format varies but is  invariably in teams of 4. 

Where information regarding dining arrangements is shown it would be appreciated if, to assist our caterer in forward planning, members indicate the number of diners for a given event and where applicable their choice from the menu.

Entry to these competitions is, if spaces are available and not at the expense of club members, open to non-members accompanying our own members with the proviso that they must be bona-fide members of other golf clubs and in possession of current handicaps. 

In addition to the normal competition entry fee, non-members must pay the appropriate accompanied green fee for the day. 

This takes place annually as a shotgun start at approx. 13:45. Ladies invite the gentlemen. Lady Captain decides upon the format and the number of prizes to be presented. The prizes are usually more significant for the Ladies. The event follows a Gents 4 BBB competition in the morning.

Dining is set to follow the event with details shown next to the entry sheet on the applicable notice board.


It is important players are aware of their obligations under the Etiquette of Golf, 

We should all attempt to keep up with the group in front. If you are unable to do this you should invite the group behind you to play through.

The Rules of Golf state you may take 5 minutes looking for a ball before it is deemed lost.

This does not mean holding up following players for that time. If it becomes evident that a ball will not be found easily, following players should be invited to play through sooner. 

Please note, earlier in this document is the penalty for failure to observe this important point of etiquette. The game of golf is meant to be enjoyed by all and not result in frustration for the majority.