First Team Victory

First Team Victory


As 1st team Captain may I say how proud I am of the 1st Team this year and the commitment given by all the players not just those who attended the final.

Our road to the final this year was not an easy one as we had four away matches and three home matches and inevitably the Davyhulme players gave many shots more than in previous years gone by (up to 6 & 7 in some games).


The pool of team players overcame the odds throughout the season to dig deep and grind out results to finish top of qualifying which guaranteed a home semi-final against Antrobus 1st team which Davyhulme won by a considerable margin of six games to one despite giving large numbers of shots.

The final was held at Warrington GC on September 10th against our great rivals Birchwood GC, the weather conditions were very tough heavy showers with strong winds just what you need on an exposed course like Warrington.

As I expected most of my players were giving rather than receiving shots and through the first nine holes most of the team were down and the situation did not look good, but like in the past the team dug deep and lent on their experience to grind out results, Derick Page was three down through 9 and playing a very experienced player but managed to turn his game into a very valuable half, well done Derick.

Sam Garnett who was also three down though 9 managed to get a fantastic win. Our young junior Ben Barwell playing in his first NCL league final held his nerve to get a very important win on a very tough golf course, well done Ben and I think this he’s a credit to the very strong junior section we now have at Davyhulme. We needed our final match to win a half would not have been good enough, thankfully it was on our Professional Martyn Hamer who managed to beat a very experienced Andrew Stokes who played off 2.

The match was poised three & half points each and so it was sudden death back down the 1st hole for Martyn and Andrew, the weather was terrible, rain, wind & now bad light . Martyn showed his class and managed to secure a par 4 which thankfully was good enough and victory was secured, well done Martyn ... May I also take the opportunity to thank all the 1st team players who played this season each and every one of you win or lose played a part in this victory.

Special thanks to Dave Lowe who at times this season in my absence went to all the home and away matches with the team sheet to organise and support our players throughout every match.

Special thanks to Warren and his staff in the kitchen for the excellent fillet steaks he supplied for the three home meals we had. Finally I would like to thank the Captain and his wife Andrea for the support he has given both 1st & 2nd teams this season and the support on finals day in the wind and rain at Warrington GC.


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